Сhemical solutions

Professional chemical and hygiene products are differing by the following features:
• very high concentration
• used on the basis of clearly defined technology
• ecologically safe, as it is intended for continuous use by permanent cleaning staff.
Also, professional chemicals provide better results during cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and have a beneficial effect on the surfaces. Is such chemical products are used, a very thin protective layer is formed on the surfaces and the surface is temporarily protected from re-pollution.
Household chemistry or its low quality professional analogues are designed for non-constant use. Most of these detergents consist of abrasive ingredients. These ingredients gradually break the integrity of surfaces and technical equipment and create micro-scratches. As a result, surfaces are exposed to pollution more quickly and subsequent cleaning is becoming more difficult.
Professional chemicals have a misleading idea of ​​a more expensive value compared to similar household chemistry. But this is an incorrect comparison, because the products intended for home cleaning are sold ready-made, not obliged to be consumed in accordance with any technological process, and does not guarantee the achievement of the ideal result.
Professional chemical products are sold in very powerful concentrates that are safer for the cleaning staff, and there is detailed information on how to add, rinse, store, and use them. This situation has arisen due to the diversity of surfaces and the degree of pollution in professional cleanliness.
In this case, the manufacturer allows the buyer to define by himself the product concentration and cleaning process technology according to the nature of the pollution and the type of surfaces used.
Inexpensive household chemistry is less effective than professional detergents, which ultimately leads to more use and loss as a result.